Fantastic Four


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HonSawa Tomomi Assjob

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Flat Chested Big Bootied



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Plump Asian Nurse

Am I the only one that wishes more Asian girls looked like this? I never see them with this type of healthy looking, well distributed extra thickness. In other words, yeah she’s a little chunky, but it’s all in the right places. Usually when Asian girls gain weight, it goes to all the wrong places.

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Asian BBW Haruka Sakurai

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How to Impress the Ladies

Them: “Oh, you so strong. We like strong man. How many you do?”

Me: “I just started…I mean uhh…Nine Hundred Ninety Eight… Nine Hundred Ninety Nine… and… finally… One Thousand. There. All done.”

Me: “Check out these guns right here girls. *flexes biceps and triceps*”

Them: “Wow, we so horny. We love you long time.”

Cheesy porn music starts playing. Intercourse ensues.

That’s how I used to pick up chicks at the gym. It never really worked tho. Worked every time.

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Bubble Butt Cosplay Cutie


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