Thick Asian Crossed Legs

Wish I had time to do a whole set of like 8 different girls.

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Thick Crossed Legs (The third video there)

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  1. Before anybody questions my posting skills and says “Wtf, who cares about legs.” Lots of guys do. A lot of guys have a crossed legs fetish, not just me. But anyway the main reason I posted this is because every time I do a Google search for “Thick Asian Crossed Legs” I come up with nothing. Now hopefully other guys doing that same search will find this site.

  2. naughtynuff4u

    damn even the censorship is censored.

  3. 100 cm lover

    Thighs are very sexy. It makes the ass that much better to look at. Ass doesn’t look fake when the thighs match.
    PS: This might be a Japanese thing only, but love when women fuck in that position like in these two videos: 25:00 mark…-16791171.html 37:20 mark

  4. naughtynuff4u

    asses looks bigger when girls’ thighs are crossed. it shows off how meaty, and thick in diameter the thighs are. makes it look like the ass is hugging itself.

  5. who is that girl then? the first one wearing shiny bodysuit and heels, she’s FINE!

  6. Long Beach Cracker

    Looks like Thick Asians has died… A thank you to the TA who did a great job for many years.

  7. Jack dainels

    Would destroy that ass

  8. Hey everyone… She is very cute and sassy looking… I love her body she is stacked like a amazon….i give her a 8..uhmmm… Also you are a beautiful and very wonderful Chinese woman… Take care of you self… Lots of bye…….


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