Thick Thai Massage Girl Prostitutes in Bangkok

Yeah I’ll Bang them with my Kok any day if you know what I’m saying. What I mean is I’ll pay them money for blowjobs and handjobs. You just have to watch out for the ladyboys though.

Here’s some video links, but they don’t show much…

6 Responses to Thick Thai Massage Girl Prostitutes in Bangkok

  1. Can we get a link to that first clip?

  2. Shit! That’s my heaven.I hope they don’t catch me on pay day.

  3. naughtynuff4u

    that thai girl wearing the schoolgirl uniform on far right in the 2nd video is very very thick for height.

  4. Freddie De Joint

    Watch out for them ladies boys

  5. Does anyone have a link for the second video?

  6. Freddie DeJoint

    This is a big turn off


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