Naho Hazuki Naked and Soapy

The movie sucks, but it’s called DANDY-427 in case you want to order the DVD.

5 Responses to Naho Hazuki Naked and Soapy

  1. MikeManiac

    Damn yo, she looks uncomfortable as hell. Is that part of the video?

    • Yeah it’s a change for her cause she’s usually the dominant one. But almost all girls in mainstream Japanese porn videos act and look uncomfortable.

      • naughtynuff4u

        yeah the acting sucks but the acting only gets better when they’re having sex because they look like they’re really getting raped. i find j-porn to be very weird and funny to watch because even though the acting sucks, you don’t take anything about it seriously as you should have.

        • Haha. True. Yeah a lot of guys are into that, I think especially in Japan. Personally I’m not though. I mean one of the reasons I like this girl up there is because she’s usually the one that takes control and makes the guys moan and squeal.

  2. She should’ve stayed her ass at home somewhere


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