Guess Those Thick Asians


It’s time to play everybody’s favorite game, Guess Those Thick Asians.

Hint: It’s a DVD cover, so you could probably Google Search the image to find the cast. I can’t find a download link for it tho.

Or if any of you can read Japanese, I don’t know but those are probably their names right there.

13 Responses to Guess Those Thick Asians

  1. It’s not coming up on Google Image Search anymore cause I removed the big title in the middle. Good cause that would have been too easy.

  2. Orokin

    There is Yuuri Honma, Naho Hazuki and Reiko nakamori

  3. Icanreadit

    Left to right, top then bottom:
    Shizuka Ishikawa, Naho Hazuki, Yuri Honma, Miki Sawaguchi, Reiko Nakamori, Yui Nanase

    (I can read Japanese)

  4. the only important names are naho and reiko tbh

  5. Wow a Japanese Six Pack of Pussy

  6. Those are indeed their names printed on there: Ishikawa Shizuka, Hazuki Naho, Honma Yuri, Sawaguchi Miki, Nakamori Reiko, and Nanase Yui.

  7. damn girl your ass is huge

  8. I want all of them


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