Plump Asian Nurse

Am I the only one that wishes more Asian girls looked like this? I never see them with this type of healthy looking, well distributed extra thickness. In other words, yeah she’s a little chunky, but it’s all in the right places. Usually when Asian girls gain weight, it goes to all the wrong places.

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6 Responses to Plump Asian Nurse

  1. It’s Maguro-019 and you could find it at the Library of the Javs.

  2. Squidhunter

    You Sir are definately not alone.

    I have been lucky enough to find some sweet plump Asians here in Toronto.

    My office is by several ESL schools it like shooting fish in a barrel.

    Love your site.

    Update more often.. please

    • Haha. I’ll try bro. But the only way I’ll have time to make more updates here, is I’ll have to shut down that other site. Cool? Okay you convinced me.

      • squidhunter


        What other site?

        Not Booty of the Day!?!?!

        You already shut down the random Big Girl Site..

        • big Dre from the bay

          i from San Francisco and I always been a fan of thick Asian how do I get more information and where do I go please


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