How to Impress the Ladies

Them: “Oh, you so strong. We like strong man. How many you do?”

Me: “I just started…I mean uhh…Nine Hundred Ninety Eight… Nine Hundred Ninety Nine… and… finally… One Thousand. There. All done.”

Me: “Check out these guns right here girls. *flexes biceps and triceps*”

Them: “Wow, we so horny. We love you long time.”

Cheesy porn music starts playing. Intercourse ensues.

That’s how I used to pick up chicks at the gym. It never really worked tho. Worked every time.

16 Responses to How to Impress the Ladies

  1. Who’s the one on the left.

  2. Anyone got a link to the video?

    • It’s JUFD-423. Do a search for it, and then click the link in the search results of the site that begins with a J and ends with a Y.

  3. Does anybody know if Naho provides escort services in Japan? I read that somewhere a while back. If so, who’s down to take a little trip to the Land of the Rising Sun?

    She’d be getting a special visit from the Man with the Rising you know what. By that I mean I’d pay her pimp an obscene amount for her professional skills at hand relief.

    • Hey TA. First of all thanks for creating this site. It’s nice to know someone else out there too has a passion for curvy Asians.

      It would be dream come true for me if Naho does provide escort service. And I wanted to visit Japan anyway.

      Please update me if you get more information on this.

      • I could’ve sworn I saw it on a forum somewhere, but I just did some searches and couldn’t find anything. Maybe it was all a dream.

        Somebody else might still know for sure tho, but yeah if I find out I’ll let you know.

        Or if this site ever blows up, I could probably hire her officially to do a real scene, and maybe hire one of you studs to bang her up.

        • Hire?? if its true ill pay your air fare. we will make this happen. and guess what… it would be a black on Asian scene lol

  4. Mitsuki an is not bad

  5. As soon as a download link for this one shows up, somebody better let me know.

  6. Oh and don’t forget to check out the Thick Asian category on Booty of the Day for more thick Asians. There’s about 9 pages…

  7. billyanus

    is there any uncensored videos of her around? i would pay a ridiculous amount to be with her.

  8. very gooooooooooooood


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