Booty in the Kitchen


No sandwich jokes please.

8 Responses to Booty in the Kitchen

  1. Long Beach Cracker

    Damn! Very nice.

  2. Johny deep

    Bitch make me a sandwhich

  3. I’ve seen a few photos of this girl. Anyone know her name or if there is a website of her or something?

    • I usually don’t give people links to the pics we post so they don’t get disappointed. But she’s not bad tho, so hereya go…

      Oh and if you see this pic somewhere over there but a slightly smaller version?… You’re only seeing things son and you need to get your eyes checked. So just come back to and fap to the big one.

      • Long Beach Cracker

        This chick’s instagram account is pretty funny with all her references to weed and hoes. She does have a rockin’ body. Nice find.

  4. asianasses

    maan what is with asian stoner chicks having thick asses?!!!!

  5. randy mckissack

    lov that

  6. the link doesnt work???


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